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Not Titled Yet-82 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-81 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-74 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-73 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-72 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet -71 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet -71 :iconthebutterfly88:TheButterfly88 5 1
Not Titled Yet-70 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-69 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-69 :iconthebutterfly88:TheButterfly88 9 2
Not Titled Yet-68 by TheButterfly88
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Not Titled Yet-68 :iconthebutterfly88:TheButterfly88 12 1
Not Titled Yet-67 by TheButterfly88
Mature content
Not Titled Yet-67 :iconthebutterfly88:TheButterfly88 6 3


Summers' Past by LittleMs-Strange Summers' Past :iconlittlems-strange:LittleMs-Strange 10 6
Mature content
Feminine :iconzadenwillowfyre:ZadenWillowfyre 9 8
Exaltation by Alan-H-Bruce
Mature content
Exaltation :iconalan-h-bruce:Alan-H-Bruce 46 13
Dear Mr. President
Dear Mr.President,
You've got a lot to do,
there's hate going on and
you shouldn't let it through
Dear Mr.President,
This is the time for change,
It's not up to religion
and this is not a game,
Dear Mr. President,
There's no time to lose,
everyday in an unfair way,
the gays have rights they lose,
Your ancestors fought for their rights,
they took a blow to stand,
and now here comes a new fight,
that spreads across the land,
Dear Mr. President,
What are you going to do?
in this world that's full of hate against
all the gays and you?
You see this world's not full of christians,
and God never said it was wrong,
so if you can'r see what's in front of me
well, how could you go along?
Dear Mr. President,
it's become up to you,
to stop the hate on all the gays,
and create this world of new,
Dear Mr. President,
The country's tearing apart,
and it's not up to a bible or
a god that makes the seas part,
It's up to you...
    The hated...
:iconlukameguirine:LukaMeguirine 4 4
I kind of feel sorry....
Kind of. Not really though. 
There was once a guy I used to shoot with. A guy who I once considered a "close friend" if you will (ya I was stupid) who after awhile became insanely jealous of my photography. It kind of makes me smile in a way when people say things like "you shoot the same location" or the "you digitally manip your images"  (maybe if he actually understood how to use level and curves in Photoshop his images would wouldn't look washed out) or the invariable "you hardly get out of the car" (that last one REALLY has me in almost in tears!) Actually there was a time when I would shoot a great deal from the car, in some respects I still do because as any wildlife photographer will tell you, cars make for excellent blinds. I use something called a Puffin Pad  which is sort of a beanbag alternative. I haven't shot with this guy for almost 2 years so he hasn't any idea. I had a run in with this guy
:iconkkart:kkart 9 105
shine of gold by Delatebea
Mature content
shine of gold :icondelatebea:Delatebea 9 0
Cyberbullying and Your Deviations
The term "cyberbullying" was first coined and defined by Canadian educator and anti-bullying activist Bill Belsey, as "the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others."
While the actions which make up cyberbullying can vary depending on who you are talking with or what website you are on at the time, as far as we here at deviantART are concerned the act of cyberbullying involves a range of behavior from hostile and aggressive communications, to threats, sexual remarks, hate speech, ganging up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule or humiliation.
The practice of cyberbullying is also not limited to children, when perpetrated by adults toward adults these same behaviors are sometimes referred to as cyberstalking or cyberharassment but regardless of what name you attach to it, cyberbullying has grown into an increasing problem since the behavior was first ident
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 62 179
Some wish to be rich,
While some wish to be wise.
Some wish to stop that itch,
Others wish of winning a prize.
Some wish to be known,
Some wish they could be a star.
Some wish to sit on the throne,
And some wish that they could hide their scars.
Some wish their life was different,
Some wish their life had ended.
Some wish that they could be indifferent,
Some wish their life could be extended.
We all wish for something,
Maybe one of those mentioned above.
We should work towards that thing,
Even if we wish for just some love.
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 724 133
Why does it have to be this way.
Why is it when you have something really productive to say that the platform to say it is often absent.
That when you have to say something you can't find something interesting to say when you need it.
How can so many other people not understand when you have the foresight to prepare for a big event and thus you take measures to prepare for it.
Why is it that people can't make up their minds even on the smallest of issues.
Where does the profound lack of common sense come from, from people who are otherwise emensly intelligent.
What ever happened to giving people the benifit of the doubt.
Just some random thoughts for now.
:iconrjl7983:RJL7983 1 0
I'm Your Butterfly
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
I know You're shy
I'll make You smile
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
We drink each other dry
I won't make You cry
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
I can't say any lie
Never been a spy
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
I don't know this guy
I came from the sky
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
I won't let You die
I will make new dye
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
You baked whole this pie?
Smells better than mine!
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
You still asking why?
I just want to fly
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
Doesn't matter You sly
You'll watch in time
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
Why won't You come by?
I want catch Your eye
I-I-I I'm Your Butterfly
I know You're shy
I'll make You smile
:iconhraundrangi:Hraundrangi 14 30
Winged butterfly girl by SleepinDevil Winged butterfly girl :iconsleepindevil:SleepinDevil 14 7 My short is too short... by naughtymailman
Mature content
My short is too short... :iconnaughtymailman:naughtymailman 2 16
Kinky Mailman by naughtymailman
Mature content
Kinky Mailman :iconnaughtymailman:naughtymailman 2 0
bodyart by naughtymailman bodyart :iconnaughtymailman:naughtymailman 3 2 Mailman by naughtymailman
Mature content
Mailman :iconnaughtymailman:naughtymailman 2 0
Lily Flowers X by ValCarpenter
Mature content
Lily Flowers X :iconvalcarpenter:ValCarpenter 96 6


:kiss:  Thank you so very much for making all my models happy again.
I feel so very humbled & honored that your a watcher & also leaving so many comments.

I need more time to come & do a much better journal, please forgive me for taking so long to do a much better journal & for taking so long.
I have been far to busy being the founder of far to many clubs & groups, i have no clue what i would do without my very close female family member or mine whom is my co-founder, she is so busy & she is TheChild13 :iconthechild13:
In fact i am the founder of many clubs/groups and my club member & watchers always come first because the way i view it all is that if your going to be the founder or the co-founder and all the grand artists with their valued time to comment or submit there most amazing artwork then that do send notes & me to them or try your very best to help them out or to reply.

If you you would like to talk with me i always first go to one of my many user accounts which is hummingbird88 :iconhummingbird88: because that is were all my models go to note me & or email me at all times.
:w00t!:  If you have any request, please note me at hummingbird88  :iconhummingbird88:

P.S.  Please respect all the artist that work so hard no matter what kind of art work they do.

Your Friend,
Ms. P.  :heart:

  • Listening to: Linkin Park (Minutes to Midnight).
  • Reading: contracts, medical, legal, & political books.
  • Watching: You at all times & all my club members.
  • Playing: nude in my 7 foot block walls & dancing around
  • Eating: very healthy organic foods, very lean foods only.
  • Drinking: tea, water, organic milk, & drinking up life.


Ms. P.
United States
Please join any of my clubs or groups and most of us are on Facebook as well from my many other user accounts here.
I'm a very private lady and most people all of my life have called me Ms. P.
I truly love & adore your friendship and appreciate your most amazing comments as well and all of your artwork.
Thank you all for adding me to your watch list and for giving all my models your respect.
With Love,
Ms. P. :heart:

Current Residence: Somewhere here or there.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Tiny but Mighty.
Skin of choice: Yours & Mine. (the color/colour of our skin)
Personal Quote: Be Kind & Rewind, What goes around comes around, KARMA bites hard!!!.



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ZadenWillowfyre Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the fav!
LittleMs-Strange Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
thanks so much for watching me! :highfive:
marc-elle Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
Thank you very much for the watch :)
I really appreciate
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marc-elle Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
You have a fantastic gallery:wow:
Great work:clap:
levarre Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Thanks for the art, I enjoyed viewing your creativity, hopefully it is OK to say I enjoyed the see-through panties the best as they gave more of an illusion, would have / would be nice to see some with breasts in a matching bra, as it give a frosted look..liked the male ones too, you have gotta give us oldies a chance..even if our hair isn't down to the keep up the good work and PLEASE delete those nasty comments that people put on here so we don't have to put up with reading their pettyness. Most of us are very tolerant.
TheButterfly88 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
:aww: Thank you for leaving such a grand comment on my front page, infact i just got a call from some of my models that just told me about what you said. I'm so very pleased that they will be modeling for me again, but they know that i bought another home & trying to invest in yet buying another one, which means they know how very busy i am.
My daarlin i do have thousands of my models in my file foulder, yet the i'm the founder of many clubs & groups her on deviantART (dA) & the way i veiw it all is that my membes come first at all times.
I have just what you want but i had to do those request in a hurry since i have never broke a promise in my life time, maybe it's because i was reared with the honor code as also being in the Army.
The only reason i refuse to delete those ugly unkind comments is because i want people to know who they are and that the have zero class, are new to dA, have no gallery.
:giggle: I do have many of the male nude models with the frosted shower doors, yet you may still view what they look like and all the body parts as well.
I feel so very humbled at your amazing comment. I thought you knew that all my models look almost like me but my hair is the longes as a redish blonde color. We all belong to what i say is called the long hair club in my city & state & we meet about once a month. The male or female whom has the longest hair win's many expensive gifts & awards. I didn't go to it last month since i wss far to busy & plus i just wanted someone else to win & not me all of the time.
When you said give us oldies a change it reminded me of my friend the very famous sing whom sings "Get Your Oldies but Goods".
If you want me to submit something for you just note me here as the subject A request.
I shall let you know a bit more sometime soon, but only in a note.
With Love,
Ms. P. heart:
chavda43 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you, that is very nice of you
chavda43 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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